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Certified Virtual CIO

With a Virtual CIO, every organization can have a Senior IT Leader.

Get your IT Strategy Right with Expert Help

Your Virtual CIO will assess your existing IT infrastructure and correctly prioritize the areas that need the most attention. Our Managed IT experience means we know where to spend your budget to maximize business impact and avoid over-investment. Following the review, a Strategic IT Plan will be developed, with specific action items, timelines, and budgets. The right IT plan can help transform your business by focusing on what truly matters, such as freeing staff and improving your customer experience.


Technology Evaluation and Analysis

Can your network keep up with the growth of your business?

Your network is constantly changing month by month, year by year. The trick to planning for your network’s growth is to be able to predict the future.

ZCloudNova plans for changes, making sure any transitions are smooth and supportive of your bottom line.

Disaster Recovery Planning

No one likes to think about it, but is your organization prepared for a disaster?

Whether natural or man-made, disasters happen – and they can lead to disruptions in your organization. Protecting your organization’s data and having the ability to recover operations promptly is critical in the face of significant challenges posed by them.

Let ZCloudNova manage your disaster recovery to ensure that you’re prepared when disaster strikes. ZCloudNova is interested in listening to your company’s business challenges and goals.


Technology Roadmaps

Does your current technology support your current and future buisness goals?

Having a forward-thinking vision of where you want your business to be, as well as goals for immediate improvements, is essential to any successful enterprise.

ZCloudNova's Virtual CIOs provide IT plans and strategies that help small businessess leverage IT solutions to fulfill short-and long-term business goals.

Business Technology Planning

Are you evaluating new applications to support your organization?

Seeking out the proper systems and applications to run your business is complicated.

ZCloudNova can help you evaluate software options so you can make an informed decision on the best choice to meet your needs. We base our recommendations not only on technology costs and performance, but also on the people who will be using these applications, so that implementations of new systems provide the value you are looking to gain.



Quickly get a handle on your existing IT infrastructure and security situation

Move to shore up any weaknesses detected

Analyze your current strategic IT infrastructure and security program

Recommend ways to implement improvements to your current program

Ensure your employees are properly trained to take close account of organizational IT infrastructure and security in their daily routine

Determine and assist in organizational compliance with any required security frameworks such as HIPAA or PCI

Be an objective resource for all matters pertaining to information security

Why should you choose ZCloudNova for virtual CIO services?

ZCloudNova’s virtual CIO services are the most effective way to tie IT strategy to business objectives for those organizations that do not have senior technical leadership in place. In addition to our IT expertise, we have strong business knowledge in a number of vertical industries including education, engineering, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, manufacturing, non-profit, and retail. We have the breadth of experience to understand your business objectives and the technical depth to know which technologies to apply that will enable you to reach those objectives.

ZCloudNova gives you the guidance of an affordable expert who can match business needs to technology potential, including process standardization and workflow. We bring the expertise and analysis that will turn your technology into a strategic advantage.

Learn more about the value that a virtual CIO can add to your organization

The staff at ZCloudNova truly cares about your needs and helping you support them. ZCloudNova has been an excellent long-term partner for our company in helping us attain and keep current on all of our IT requirements. Their service is always prompt and they go above and beyond to meet our needs. I have used ZCloudNova for 4 years and when I refer them to other businesses, they are blown away.

- Mark S

From start to finish, ZCloudNova has been a pleasure to do business with. They were straightforward, open and honest, for the first time in a long time, we now have complete confidence in our IT.

- Dave S

ZCloudNova has fully delivered on its promises and has enabled our business to fast track its IT development more expertly, rapidly and cost effectively than we would have done ourselves.

- Leo R

ZCloudNova technical teams have extremely impressive technical knowledge and expertise, they managed the process of refreshing our IT infrastructure seamlessly every step of the way.

- Justin B