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Protect your Network, Systems and Business Data. Detect any gaps in your Network Security perimeter. Mitigate any vulnerabilities.

Protect your company from security threats and downtime

Network security can be tricky. On the one hand the number of risks are skyrocketing, and on the other hand users want more freedom than ever before. Securing an organisation’s data and systems is a continually evolving process. As a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) our team will help protect your business against network breaches, hackers and human error while meeting government regulations and industry standards. So you can focus on running your business. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to every customer environment, ZCloudNova consults with our managed services clients to determine the security systems which best fit their evolving needs.


Secure Network Infrastructure

What are the potential cyber threats?

Cybercrime is big business. Lately we have all seen IT attacks hit the news headlines with scary regularity, with both large and small companies being held to ransom around the globe.

It is no wonder network security has become one of the most topical IT concerns for Boards, Management and IT professionals alike - but is your security strategy on track?

Security as a Service

What are the key elements of a good cybersecurity strategy?

Security is headline news. With an increasing number of new attacks hitting the headlines everyday wouldn’t you like to be able to leverage state of the art security - for a fraction of the price?

Now you can. ZCloudNova offers a broad range of managed security services so your cyber security can be taken care of under one convenient service for a single monthly fee.


Cybersecurity Maturity

Do your policies and procedures demonstrate management’s commitment to sustaining appropriate cybersecurity maturity levels?

Cybersecurity is no longer a job simply for IT. These days it's a business-wide issue that requires support starting from the top down. We know that cybersecurity threats are on the rise. According to Telstra, in 2016, 59% of organisations detected a business interrupting breach on at least a monthly basis.

By utilising ZCloudNova's comprehensive IT advisory service to help your executive and management teams, you can ensure your organisation is cyber-smart.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity is no longer the sole responsibility of your IT department. It’s everyone’s business.

Educating your staff on how to recognize phishing scams and malicious attacks is the key to ensuring your company data remains safe.

ZCloudNova’s all-in-one training program uses a world-class phishing platform and training portal, KnowB4. Your training service is fully customised and coordinated by a ZCloudNova trainer. The program takes place over a 12-month period.



The financial impact of a data breach can cripple your company’s ability to operate. Data loss could lead to extended downtimes during which clients aren’t being served and may lose trust in your business. Additionally, your company could face steep fines depending on your industry’s compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about protecting your company’s data—it’s also about protecting your business’s interests and other assets such as cash, trade secrets, intellectual property, and your reputation. Even though 25 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are likely to experience a data breach, only two percent of SMB owners consider cybersecurity a top concern.

SMBs often believe that because they have fewer assets, they’re less likely to be targeted by cybercriminals. However, SMBs are easy targets because they have fewer resources—and less protection—than large corporations.



No one company can fulfill all your business’s cybersecurity needs, but your managed IT services provider can help you build a foundation for a strong cybersecurity policy.

Your IT outsourcing provider will secure your network and advise your company’s C-suite of best security practices. Your IT provider can also help your company create and implement an employee cybersecurity training and awareness program.

Your IT provider will regularly monitor your network for threats and maintain compliance standards. They may also implement standard policies such as multiple security technology and identity management.

Simplify your business and watch it grow

The staff at ZCloudNova truly cares about your needs and helping you support them. ZCloudNova has been an excellent long-term partner for our company in helping us attain and keep current on all of our IT requirements. Their service is always prompt and they go above and beyond to meet our needs. I have used ZCloudNova for 4 years and when I refer them to other businesses, they are blown away.

- Mark S

From start to finish, ZCloudNova has been a pleasure to do business with. They were straightforward, open and honest, for the first time in a long time, we now have complete confidence in our IT.

- Dave S

ZCloudNova has fully delivered on its promises and has enabled our business to fast track its IT development more expertly, rapidly and cost effectively than we would have done ourselves.

- Leo R

ZCloudNova technical teams have extremely impressive technical knowledge and expertise, they managed the process of refreshing our IT infrastructure seamlessly every step of the way.

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