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Managed Cloud

Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses use & invest in IT. But selecting the right type of cloud for your business can be a balancing act.

Build your cloud, your way.

ZCloudNova offers a holistic approach to optimizing IT infrastructure, services and processes utilizing cloud-based platforms. Capable and confident of guiding your business to the cloud, we lift and shift entire data centers, rapidly provision deployment and testing environments, extend existing infrastructure via private cloud and assist with data recovery and archiving.


Microsoft Office 365

What are you waiting for?

Microsoft’s Office 365 service has taken the business world by storm.

Based on a highly secure local American & Global cloud, businesses can now access Microsoft’s full suite of applications and services from anywhere, on any device, via an affordable monthly subscription.

Microsoft Azure Services

Why are businesses moving their workloads to Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft’s Azure is an integrated cloud service offering a range of options to businesses around America and the rest of the world, including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Secure, scalable and pay as you use, organizations can flexibly leverage it for all, or part, of their IT system needs.


AWS & Google Cloud

Looking to run your business apps just like Amazon and Google do?

Amazon AWS & Google Cloud also offer suite of integrated cloud services similar to Azure and are good option for organization adopting the Cloud model.

Secure, scalable and pay as you use; IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc. which organizations can flexibly leverage it for all, or part, of their IT system needs.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Want to get the best of both?

Cloud doesn’t have to mean relinquishing everything to a public data centre. Some of the most robust Cloud solutions actually utilise a mix of both private infrastructure with hosted or shared resources.

The opportunities are endless, and the decision is all yours.



Manage the cloud solution to ensure your digital optimization goals are met.

Provide real-time insights and performance analysis across multiple clouds.

Eliminate your cloud sprawl.

Help ensure that your cloud environment remains efficient and your data is secure.

Give you the ability to control your company’s IT spend, instead of your IT spend controlling your company.

Eliminate complicated redundant access controls while providing tighter security.

Centralize the governance of the permissions to your systems.

Automate manual workflow processes.

Facilitate a healthier use of your company’s internal resources.

Help increase your overall productivity and stimulate growth.


Competitive Edge:

Devoting IT resources to managing infrastructure is burdensome and costly. With ZCloudNova’s help, you can move more nimbly in the market than your competitors that aren’t optimizing their cloud environments.


Workloads fluctuate. Business needs evolve quickly, sometimes without warning. And your infrastructure needs to keep up with those changes. Your management solution from ZCloudNova can be scaled on demand, making sure your workflow needs are continually aligned with your cloud arrangement.


Visibility matters. And ZCloudNova provides comprehensive visibility of all of your systems, no mater where they are in the cloud…giving your business the ability to allocate resources appropriately, and to conduct well-defined resource analysis.


By leveraging our revolutionary Digital Robotics Engine, ZCloudNova’s intelligent automation removes the need for manual complex workflow management by automatically integrating and harmonizing information across unrelated workloads…making for simpler, more cost-efficient management.


With ZCloudNova’s help, you’ll easily gain insight into the performance of your business-critical applications delivered from your cloud environments, to help ensure ideal end-user experiences.

Simplify your business and watch it grow

The staff at ZCloudNova truly cares about your needs and helping you support them. ZCloudNova has been an excellent long-term partner for our company in helping us attain and keep current on all of our IT requirements. Their service is always prompt and they go above and beyond to meet our needs. I have used ZCloudNova for 4 years and when I refer them to other businesses, they are blown away.

- Mark S

From start to finish, ZCloudNova has been a pleasure to do business with. They were straightforward, open and honest, for the first time in a long time, we now have complete confidence in our IT.

- Dave S

ZCloudNova has fully delivered on its promises and has enabled our business to fast track its IT development more expertly, rapidly and cost effectively than we would have done ourselves.

- Leo R

ZCloudNova technical teams have extremely impressive technical knowledge and expertise, they managed the process of refreshing our IT infrastructure seamlessly every step of the way.

- Justin B